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Shouldn\'t be in business! Very Dishonest!!!!

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After Hurricane Irene hit the Crystal Coast at Atlantic Beach, NC on August 27th, 2011 my home on the barrier island sustained serious roof damage.Once allowed back on the barrier island, my management agent contacted me on Monday August 29th, 2011 informing me I had serious roof damage at the peak of my roof on both sides, as well as, some siding and sulfite missing.

The roof was missing rows of shingles on both sides near the top down to bare plywood leaving the entire house exposed to the elements. This also caused serious interior ceiling damage with the hurricane rain dumping close to 10 inches over a long period of time.

My agent contacted Sean Bowen of Bowen Home Services, LLC of Morehead City, NC (supposedly an expert roofer) who immediately came to his office to go over the type of roof to put back on and inform him of a ball park figure. I then called the Sean Bowen myself within 30 minutes of his leaving my agents office going over the entire process he was to perform to get my roof repaired, and giving him permission to do the work with an agreed upon ball park figure.

Sean stated was on his way over to close up my house with tar paper to avoid any further water damage and would order the 7 bundles of shingles taking a week to arrive. I thanked Sean several times in that conversation for being so prompt and getting my house covered while waiting on the shingles to arrive.

Guess What? On September 21, 2011 3 weeks after the hurricane we find out the roofer not only didn't order the shingles he never went to the house to tar paper the roof to prevent further damage. When my agent finally got a hold of him, he stated "I don't even have an excuse I just didn't do it'.

If he didn't want to do the work he could have told us that upfront or called and request we get someone else. He did nothing and never said a word until my agent went to the house and nothing was done. Since the first time he was contacted and supposedly on his was to seal the roof with tar paper it rained multiple times and who knows how much more damage has now been done for this lazy irresponsible person letting my $700,000 investment sit there to endure more damage without a word spoken. Don't give Sean Bowen your business he regards you and your property as a nuisance unless he feels like working that day.

Oh yeah, he wasn't cheap either but I was willing to pay what he quoted so it wasn't over money he's just Lazy and Irresponsible!!!!!!Run away from this business as fast as you can!!!!!!

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Savannah, New York, United States #389625

Obviously the last two comments supporting Sean didn't read my article that Sean owner of Bowen Home Services admitted to my manager he just didn't do what he was suppose to do.These were his own words,that cost me the customer alot of money.

Wonder how each one of them would feel if Sean had treated their property and wallet the way he treated me.Comments should be based on Seans actions to this particular case, they could say he did good work for them, but you cannot condon his dishonesty that hurt another person and their property.


I completely agree!!!!We have known Sean for awhile now and wouldn't trust anyone else with our home!

He is such an honest person, not to mention hard-working.

Sad that one person would try to ruin someone's business, especially Sean.There are two sides to every story and I put my money on Sean's.


My friends and I have used Sean Bowen for years.He is one of the most honest and ethical people I have ever met.

He is extremely hard working and does wonderful work. Anyone that knows him around here would completely agree.

It is a shame that someone would try to ruin his reputation.Very sad

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